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INR 30 Lakhs of Scholarship announced for GradRight's Fall'2023 students 

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Please note that the student need not go through any parallel procedure, and is auto-enrolled for the scholarship, once you start your loan process with GradRight. However, to get shortlisted in the pool of finalists, one needs to complete their loan disbursement. The results will be declared by December 31, 2023. The decision taken by the GradRight Scholarship Committee shall be deemed final.

Please reach out to your financial advisor in case of any questions.  

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Need-Based Scholarship

$ 3,000

Education was meant to be the passport to freedom.
Our need-based scholarships keep it that way.
That’s financial support, for those who need it most.

Women Empowerment

$ 2,400

Educated women are seeds of an educated generation.
Pinkwings is our attempt to celebrate girl-power in education.
That’s financial support, for women who need it most.

Pride Scholarship

$ 2,000

Education wasn’t designed to discriminate.
Grad-PRIDE hands back the right to higher education for all.
That’s financial support, so the rainbow keeps glowing.

Prodigy Scholarship

$ 25,000

Prodigy and GradRight celebrate academic achievement.
Merit deserves rewards. That’s why this scholarship.
That’s financial support, to reward academic brilliance.

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