The GradRight-Prodigy Finance Scholarship

10 Deserving Students 
$2,500 Each | $25,000 Worth of Scholarships.

2021 Winner 

GradRight USP & Features

10+ Student Centric Banks

Zero Bank Visits

48hrs Deal Time

Personal Financial Advisor

GradRight students can now get non-collateral loan upto 50 Lacs at 8% interest rate*

What Makes You Eligible

Plan to study in the USA or Canada

Enrolled in a STEM or MBA program starting before October 2022.

Avail your education loan through GradRight with Prodigy Finance as your lender. 

How Can You Apply?

How Can You Apply?

Sign up on 

Initiate a loan request through FundRight, the world’s  first education loan-bidding platform 

Be among the first 100 eligible applicants 

Follow these steps to apply

Gain access to incredible offers from over 13 lenders 

Choose Prodigy Finance as your lender 

Grant consent to share your application status with GradRight 

All students who have availed their education loan through GradRight with Prodigy Finance as their lender; will be considered for the opportunity. 

GradRight’s Scholarship Committee will conduct a need-based assessment of all the candidates. 

The decision of GradRight’s Scholarship Committee will stand final and binding 

What are the Selection Criteria?

Application Deadline: closes in 28 days

Frequently Asked Questions

How many candidates will be awarded the scholarship?

Only the first 100 eligible candidates are considered for the scholarship, and ten of the deserving ones are awarded a scholarship worth $25,000, divided equally. However, the decision to create more scholarships based on the needs and interests of the students stands with GradRight’s Scholarship Committee.

When will the results be announced?

The results will be announced by the last week of Dec 2022.

How will the scholarship be disbursed?

$25,000 divided amongst ten students shall be treated as early-repayment towards the education loan availed by the winners.

Will you be awarded the scholarship if you do not avail of disbursement from Prodigy Finance?

No, the candidature stands invalid in such a case.

Will you be considered for the scholarship if you get the loan approval without utilizing GradRight’s services?

No, the candidature stands invalid in such a case.

How can you reach out in case of any further queries about Prodigy Finance or the scholarship?

You can send a mail to and our team will get in touch with you shortly.

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Application Deadline: closes in 28 days

Follow these steps to apply